Discovering, Developing and Commercializing the Next Generation of Selective Cytokine Therapeutics

The Time for Cytokine Therapeutics Is Now

We believe that cytokine therapeutics engineered to be selective and overcome their pleiotropy can fundamentally change the treatment paradigms of cancer and autoimmune / inflammatory disease.

The Power of Our Technologies

To address the key limitations of current cytokine therapeutics and cell therapies, we are developing potentially transformative medicines using three distinct cytokine modalities: cytokine partial agonists, orthogonal cytokine + cell therapies, and surrogate cytokine agonists.

The Pipeline to Advance Our Mission

Using our team’s cumulative expertise and our proprietary cytokine platforms, we are developing a broad, deep pipeline of selective immunotherapies against a wide range of important targets for the treatment of cancers and autoimmune / inflammatory diseases.