Anita has served as Synthekine’s Vice President of Translational and Bioanalytical Sciences since February 2023. She previously served as Senior Director, Head of the Bioanalytical Sciences since 2021. Anita has more than 25+ years of experience as a translation scientist and has partnered with over 100 companies globally, helping them discover and accelerate development of novel therapies in oncology, immunology, cardiology, and gene therapy. Prior to joining Synthekine, Anita was Vice President of Scientific Operations at Primity Bio a Caprion company. Before Primity Bio, she was Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of R&D for Applied Immunology, a bioassay services/CRO company that was acquired by Precision for Medicine, Inc. in 2016, where she then served as Senior Vice President of Immunology. Previously, Anita consulted for a variety of biotechnology companies, including Genentech, Juvaris Biotherapeutics and Excellin Life Sciences and has served in a variety of Research and Development roles at Stem Cell Inc., Laboratory for Reproductive Medicine, Anosys, Inc., Elan Pharmaceuticals, Stanford University and Genentech. Anita earned her Ph.D. in Cell Biology/Immunology, M.S. in Biochemistry, and B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Bombay, India.